27 Men’s Buzz Cut Fade Styles

If we talk about popular short haircuts then men’s buzz cut will be on top of list. The reason behind its fame is that buzz cut styles are very easy to make and requires minimal maintenance. Buzz cut fade is a famous variation mostly adopted by military men worldwide.

It is a purely masculine haircut that makes you look bold and strong. Remember that your head shape matters a lot if you planning to get this haircut. If you have bumps or humps on head then never go for buzz as it will further expose them. If you still love to get this impressive cut then increase the hair length 1-2 inches to cover up the kinks. In hot summer weather, men’s buzz cut fade is a best choice that make you feel cool and fresh.

How to Grow Buzz Cut Haircut for Men

In classic buzz cut the hairs are kept short all over the head with clippers. Normally electric clippers are used to cut the hair on top to shortest possible length. Optionally high or low fade is given on sides to make it buzz cut fade hairstyle. It is widely adopted by men with receding hairlines to cover baldness. Furthermore, you can combine it with light beard and mustaches for an ultimate dashing look.

The best point is that buzz cut styles suits men of all ages, face shapes & hair textures. So you can say it a universal hairstyle. There will be hardly any barber in the world who is unaware of this flattering cut. Most important thing regarding buzz is the optimum hair length. Don’t forget to ask your barber for suggestions regarding the buzz cut lengths, fade combos and beard styles before opting for this.

Short Buzz Cut For Men

Apart from fade haircut, induction cut and burr cut are some other variations of buzz that you can try. The difference is just the hair length. Induction cut is done with clippers without any guard attached (number zero) While burr cut is done with no.1 or no.2 guard attached with clipper.

Let’s have a look at some impressive men’s buzz cut styles that you can carry:

Stylish Men’s Buzz Cut Styles

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