20 Popular Caesar Haircut Designs for Men

The caesar haircut is a another form of popular buzz cut. Its a classic haircut that was originated from ancient rome. Caesar haircut remained popular among men in 1990’s and 2018 seems like to be the revival year of this vintage hairstyle.  It is a low maintenance haircut that suits to men of all ages. The haircut is getting popularity among teenagers, young guys and even senior citizens are adopting it.

Men’s Caesar Haircut Trends 2018

If you don’t know what caesar cut is then let us give your a brief intro of it. It is basically a short haircut with fringes on front that are cut horizontally to form squared front. ancient Rome. The haircut was first introduced by the famous roman emperor Julius Caesar and hence named after that.

It is one of the best haircut for balding men who want to hide their bald patches & receding hairlines. Even the mighty Caesar wore this hairstyle to hide the balding. You must have seen many statues of Caesar just like the one below. Have you noticed that his hair length  is always short and forward with vertical short fringes on his forehead? Styling the caesar haircut in such a manner not only hide baldness but also gives a promising look. So caesar cut seems to be a perfect choice for men who are suffering from hair loss.


You know it is an easy to do and easy to maintain hairstyle, so getting much popularity among men along with other hairstyles like buzz cut and ivy league. Even the famous celebrities like George clooney, Gerard butler and russell crowe are supporting this short hairstyle for men. The haircut suit all kinds of environments and you can wear it on formal as well as informal occasions.

How to Style Caesar Cut?

caesar haircut for men comes in 2 different types: the classic Caesar haircut and the modern one. The classic one consists of equal length of hair throughout your head without any taper. Adding a taper cut makes the classic Caesar even more better giving it a perfect modern touch. Caesar cut with tapered hair on back and sides forms the most popular version of Caesar haircut today. Similarly, the back and side can also be faded to different length to get more dashing look.

The haircut suits to almost all hair types. Styling may require hair styling products like mousse, pomade and hair gel. A wide tooth comb or a conventional comb will come in handy depending on the type of hair you have whether wavy or straight. Comb your hairs forward from the crown area towards the hair line at the forehead. Let the short fringes of hair remain on your forehead to get the perfect Caesar hairstyle look.

Get away from the main stream side part and slick back hairstyles and try a Caesar cut instead. Here are some images to inspire you!

1. Low Fade Caesar cut

Caesar cut with short sides

2. Hairstyle for big forehead
Best hairstyle for chubby faces

3. Faded temples style

Caesar cut with faded temples

4. High fade long top caesar cut
High fade long top caesar cut

5. Colored Bangs with light beard

Men Caesar cut with colored bangs

6. Caesar cut with shaved sides

Men caesar cut with shaved sides

7. Mid Fade Caesar Hairstyle

Mid Fade Caesae Hairstyle

8. The professional look

Short caesar haircut for business men

9. Caesar cut for black men

Short haircut for black men 2016

10. Textured faded caesar cut with beard

Textured faded caesar cut with beard

 11. The modern tapered style

Caesar-Haircut-with taper

12. Gerard Butler Style

Celebrity's Caesar

13.  George Clooney’s Style

Clooney's Caesar cut

14. Short front fringes

cool caesar look

15. The classic natural look


16. The 1990’s caesar haircut

classic caesar

17. Russel Crowe’s from gladiator

Russel crowe in gladiator

18. Caesar cut for balding men

19. Taper fade look


20. Go classic rough look


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