Modern Men’s Hairstyles for Long Faces 2017

When you go for a new haircut, you need to be really sure that it would suit your face shape. If you do not pay enough attention, you might regret your haircut later. In case you have a long face, we have got the perfect list for you. It would help you choose your next haircut. Checkout these popular hairstyles for long face men.

Men Hairstyles for Long Faces 2017

  1. Side Waves

Though waves on both side would make your face elongated, this one-sides-waves-hairstyle would go perfectly with your face shape.


  1. Buzz Cut Haircut for Long Face

This is a cut that goes well with almost all the face shapes. You can decide the length of the buzz hair as well.


  1. Side Parted Bangs Hairstyle

Though this long face hairstyle would go well with your face shape, do not heighten your bangs, otherwise your face would look longer than it actually is. A nice Asian hairstyle for men with bid forehead.


  1. Slicked Back Hairstyle

The good thing about a slicked back hairstyle is that it removes any chances of standing up of the hair. And when you have a long face, it is extremely important to take care of messy standing hair. You can grow beard for a perfect hipster look.


  1. Spiked Hairstyle

You can have spikes even if you have a long face. But you need to make sure that the spikes are evenly scattered even on the sides of your head. This will really give you cool look.


  1. Side Parted & Slicked Back

Take a side part and slick back your hair from a side. Another casual hairstyle that suits men of all ages.


  1. Short Curls

This curly hairstyle for long face would give the required confidence to you guys. And since it covers sides of your face, it would make your face look round. This was very popular hairstyle in 1980’s and now its reviving back.


  1. Layered Bangs

If you want to get rid of all those “long face” compliments you get, go for this simple hairstyle. Since the bangs would cover your forehead, it wouldn’t look that long.  Look attractive with this layered hairstyle with bangs.


  1. Fine Blonde Hairstyle

Guys having blonde hair would certainly love this medium to long hairstyle.


  1. Comb-Over Hairstyle

Get the middle portion of your hair combed over, and it would look great. Checkout this inspiring comb over hairstyle for boys.


  1. Shaggy Hairstyle

This messy hairstyle has same concept as the layered bangs. Most of your face would be covered by the fringes, so it wouldn’t appear as long.


  1. Bun Hairstyle

You can opt for this manly hairstyle as well. The only thing you need to be careful is do not raise the height of hair when you comb it back. Also keep the bun lower on back else it would look odd.


  1. Long Slicked Back Hair

If you have straight hair, this hairstyle will be perfect for you. A stylish hipster hairstyle for long face people.


  1. Long Wavy Hairstyle for Long Face

This Brad Pitt hairstyle is going to win you some serious compliments. A nice side part hairstyle for men with long face.


  1. Really-long Hairstyle

In case you are not satisfied with the Brad-Pitt-long hair, you can go for Luis Scola long hairstyle for men. Get it slicked on the top and you would rock this funky hairstyle.


  1. Side Bangs for Long Face

You can get creative and hide a part of your face with the bangs if you want. Here is another fringe hairstyle for boys who want to look modern.


  1. Parted long Hair

The trick with this long hairstyle is that don’t part it right from the center. Part it from a place close to the center and it would look extremely sexy.


  1. Messy Waves

This is a short haircut that you can get if you have wavy hair. It is well-suited for men with receding hairlines.


  1. Dark Blonde Hairstyle

In case you got dark blonde hair, this hairstyle would go well with your long face. You need to comb it over at front and slick the hair on sides and back.

20. Curly Hairstyle for Long Face

If you got curly hair and long face then this one is a must try hairstyle for you. It is a versatile haircut for curly hair that looks absolutely amazing.


I hope that you liked our collection of men hairstyles for long face. Stay tuned and keep yourself updated with latest men hairstyles 2017.

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