15 Best Men’s Highlights Ideas for Elegant Look

Gone are the days when only women used to experiment with their hairstyles and looks. Now men are equally following the new fashion trends and trying various kinds of highlights and hairs colors to look elegant. Men highlights not only look attractive but also enhance the beauty of haircut. You can choose from a wide range of colors and highlights that are easily available in the market and have a completely new look. If you are lacking ideas and need some inspiration regarding men’s highlights and new hair coloring trends for boys then you came at the right place. Below are some unique styles that you should consider before opting for the new one.

Popular Men’s Highlights Trends

1- High Fade with Quiff

The below hairstyle is the traditional high fade cut with a quiff on top which is dyed in platinum to form an amazing look.

2- Dark Brown Caramel Highlights

The below picture features modern pompadour hairstyle with dark brown caramel highlights.

3- The Copper Brown Highlights

The copper brown highlights are perfect for those having medium to longer length hair and moderate complexion. These can be applied on various hairstyles including slicked back, pompadour and long side part.

4- The Blonde Highlights

The below high fade haircut with slicked hair on top is perfect for professionals. The whole look is completed by applying blonde highlights to the slicked back hairstyle.

5- The Brown Flipped Highlights

If you want to add extra crispiness to you haircut then the brown flipped highlights can be a perfect choice for that.

6- Greenish-Blue Men’s Highlights for Black Hair

The below messy spikes feature green and blue color highlights on black hair and looks absolutely mind-blowing. So if you want to look unique and stylish with new men’s highlights then consider the below option.

7- The Gray-Whitish Highlights

Here comes another special look with grayish highlights all over the head. The hairs are kept longer on top and sides are simply trimmed in this haircut. Finally, the gray white highlights are added to the top hairs and this amazing manly look is complete.

8- The Mermaid Highlights

The below slicked back undercut haircut features purple, green and blue highlights for dark hair to form a mermaid color combination. Traditionally, such mermaid highlights were worn by ladies only but now men have broken the stereotypes after experimenting with such bold looks.

9- The Brown Hair Highlights

The brown highlights on reddish hair look absolutely amazing and instantly catches the attention of people around you. Although this color was commonly adopted by females but now men are also inclined toward reddish-brown highlights.

10- The Chunky Hair Highlights

The chunky hairstyles are in fashion among boys since so many years and when highlights are added to them, the look is further enhanced. The below picture depicts one of the most common EMO hairstyle for guys i.e. fringes.

11- The Purple Highlights Shade for Men

Purplish-pink color highlights on long hairs look amazing on men too. The below picture features one of such funky hairstyle that can make you stand out of the crowd.

12- Turquoise-Blue Streaks

Here comes a cool-looking and bold men’s highlights color that seems fantastic on young guys. You can adopt these turquoise-blue highlights for casual parties and functions.

13- Golden Men’s Highlights for Black Hair

If you got black hairs and looking for some professional men’s highlights then the below style can be a good option to choose.

14- The Red Highlights for Spiky Hairs

Red is a vivid color and when the red color highlights are applied to spiky hairs, it produces very vibrant look. See how elegantly this Korean guy wears the spiky Mohawk with red highlights.

15- The Zayn Malik’s Highlights

The list of best men’s highlights shall be incomplete without Zayn Malik’s popular look. See how cool he looks with contemporary highlights.

So which one is your favorite men’s highlights style out of these? Don’t forget to share your opinion with us through the contact us page.

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