Top Mens IVY league Haircut Styles to Try In 2017

The Ivy League haircut is a modern form of men’s crew cut hairstyle. In Ivy league hairstyle, the hair are kept longer on top that can be easily side parted. While in crew cut that is associated with military men, the hair are cropped short on sides, back as well as on top. IVY league is also popular by other names like Harvard clip or the Princeton haircut. Its a short and easy hairstyle that can be worn on formal as well as informal occasions. The shorter hair on sides make you feel easy and relaxed while the longer hair can be side parted, spiked or lifted in a pompadour form.

IVY league haircut was introduced by undergraduates of Ivy League universities and hence named after that. Military personnel from all over the world also use to adopt it with certain variations. This short haircut goes extremely well with their uniforms and dress codes. Secondly, it is an extremely low maintenance hairstyle. Various celebrities like Taylor Lautner, Jeremey Renner and Jesse McCartney used to adopt IVY league haircut..

This cut is similar to crew cut except for the fact that the length of hair is more in Ivy League haircut. As a matter of fact, Ivy League is actually an extension of Crew cut. Crew Cut has much shorter hair on the sides and at the back. While in IVY league, the Front hairs are little longer (1.5 inches) than crown ( 0.5 to 1 inch) allowing more styling options like pompadour & spikes. While the hair on sides and back are tapered using hair clipper.

Men’s IVY League Haircut Styles:

There are 2 major types of this cut: Classic Ivy League and the modern one open to your own little creativity and personal touch. Now how to style this haircut? In order to get a perfect classic Ivy League haircut, you need to side part it and use a pomade, gel or mousse while doing it. Now take advantage of the longer length of hair in the front and style it neatly. If you want to give it a modern touch, you can style the longer front hairs either upward in spikes form or forward rather than doing the classic side part. A brush will come in handy while styling it. Even the modern version of Ivy League gives off a classy and neat look.

If you are up for a casual look then keep your hair dry. Otherwise you can use hair products like pomade or hair gel which also enhance the volume of your hair.

Here are some of the best picks for inspiration:

  1. Brushed forward style

best short hair style with ivy

2. Brad Pitt’s sidepart

Brad Pitt Short IVY League hairstyle

3. Boyish spiky hairstyle

brushed up ivy league haircut

4. Cool short blonde hair style

cool ivy league

5. Ivy League with tight sides

ivy league with tight sides

6. Buzz cut style

ivy-league with buzz

7. Matt Damon’s Ivy League cut

Matt damon Ivy-League-Harvard clip

8. Short gelled spikes


9. Neat textured style

short ivy league haircut

10. Really short military cut

stylish Ivy-League-Haircut-

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