10 Modern Men’s Pompadour Haircut

Top 10 stylish pompadour haircut styles for men. History lesson, does anyone know the name of the famous mistress of Louis XV of France. She was considered to be a patron of the arts and had a respectable amount of sway in the English political parties. If you said Marquise de Pompadour then you are correct. Madame Pompadour was known for many things but the thing that she was most well knows was being the spokesperson for the pompadour hairstyle that was named after her.

Pompadour haircuts and Elvis Presley

Pompadour haircut is so well liked that even centuries after its creation it is still very popular but the demographics have changed. During the peak of his career, one famous and beloved rock star decided to try the pompadour hairstyles look. His name was no other than Elvis Presley and ever since then studies show that the pompadour look is increasingly becoming only a men’s look.

So, ladies, if your man needs a haircut and gentlemen if you want something I suggest one of these 10 pompadour haircuts for men: Just like many famous looks the pompadour style is no exception to change and the times of the world. There are many different variations of the look that have been created over the years but the basis of it is that the look is worn with short sides with all of the hair swept up and back.

New Versions of Pompadour haircuts

Elvis Presley made the look into something else while still keeping the original purity of the cut. This version can suit almost anybody who is willing to deal with this high maintenance hairstyle. The sides are worn shorter than the original and sometimes are even shaved; also it is becoming a popular method to shave the back too. The modern pompadour haircut for 2017 are one that has proven itself to be timeless because of its appeal and its versatility to stay with the times. Studies show that the pompadour look is still going to be around in the future so if you are someone that likes to stay updated with the times, this look is perfect for you.

Top 10 Pompadour Haircut Styles for 2017

10. The classic pompadour haircut trends

Starting at 10 with this classic and timeless look that never goes out of style. This classic like style of pompadour fade haircut sadly does not look good with every type of face structure and only reserved for people with long faces. Although paired with a short scruffy beard: this style will look good on most men.

9. top pompadour haircut trends

Next, is this short and sweet look that screams innocent and polite. Although not really a true pompadour look due to the top not really being pulled back because there isn’t enough hair. This is a short version that is sort of a mix between pompadour and a quiff look.

8. David Beckham pompadour haircut look

#8 is this famous look by David Beckham proving that attractiveness doesn’t have an age. This is a look that takes time to create because it does not use hair gel so it requires the wearer to continuously comb and keep it looking nice.

7 popular pompadour haircut trends

#7 is all about volume. This look can distract people from a atomic bomb going off behind you. It is comparatively long and designed for people who love to get attention and have the facial features to support it.

6. Pompadour fringe hairstyle for men

#6 is the definition of rugged and sexy, unlike other variations of this style the hair is not gelled back and is let loose to roam. This is the type of pompadour hairstyle for men who just like to let their hair hang loose while looking good.

5. simple Pompadour haircut for men

#5 brings back the cleanness, sleek and simple low maintenance. This look does require gel to keep it looking good long term.

4. pompadour hairstyle for men

#4 is another variation of #6 with just a tad more edginess. This look screams “ I am not scared of your dad, let’s go smoke a cigarette” The beard connects to the hairstyle adding a sense of ruggedness.

3. cool for school Pompadour Hairstyle for men

#3 Making the top 3 is this “too cool for school” pompadour fade haircut look. This is a very modern version of the classic where everything but the middle and front are shaved off.

2. How to Rock the Pompadour Hairstyle

#2 is a lady favorite, the slick back look. This look is perfect for every occasion. There is hair on the side that has been cut not to draw attention to the volume of the hair above.

1. Great Men Pompadour Faded Haircut

#1 finally at number 1 is a combination of every look above with a little curl for special effect. The sides are let long and slicked back with gel. There is no beard to make sure that the hairstyle is the first and only thing you see, also this modern pompadour hairstyle has a certain youth vibe to it.

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