Latest Pompadour Hairstyles for Men

Men’s pompadour hairstyle is yet again in fashion among men in 2018.  Young boys, business people and even celebrities are supporting this hairstyle. In a pompadour hairstyle, the hair are swept side wards and lifted upward simultaneously in a puffy manner to form a pompadour. You would be surprised to know that its a women behind this popular men’s hairstyle who introduced it. Yeah that was none other than Madame de Pompadour who started off with this hairstyle. Then later on it was adopted by Elvis Presley and other poeple like James Dean and John Travolta who turned the tables and associated the pompadour haircut with men’s rock and roll hairstyle. Till today men have been rocking pompadour hairstyles with many variations and modern style.

Men’s Pompadour Hairstyles  2018

Pompadour is and easy to adopt hairstyle and is suitable for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are a student, hipster, celebrity or a business man. You can easily go for this look. There are 2 types, i.e., modern and classic pompadour. You might have noticed these days celebrities and artists wearing these pompadour hairstyles for sure.

Go Classic!

The classic pompadour is a neat hairstyle with shorter sides and longer hair on top. It’s a perfect gentleman look rather than a hippy style which many people mistake it for because of its association with Elvis Presley. The hairstyle suits almost all face shapes and looks extra ordinary on men with oblong face shape. It requires tapered cut but remember not to let hair on sides go too short so that it balances out with the longer hair on the top. If you are business man or some professional, go for a slicked back pompadour hairstyle that makes the classic look more compatible with your profession. Let’s have a look on some classic pompadours for men that are getting trendy this year.

timberlake classic pompadour

formal classic pompadour

Classic-Pompadour-Hairstyle-2016 classic pompadour classic pompadour with beard

Go Angular/Modern!

Hairstylists have been experimenting with the classic haircuts to generate new styles for today’s men. Today we got a variety of modern pompadour haircuts due to the effort of those hairstylists. The modern pompadour hairstyle is a combination of undercut and pompadour that forms a fabulous hairstyle. The hair on the sides and back of head are clipped short with number one or two clipper. The sides and back can also be skin faded to get a bolder look with skin fade pompadour. Many celebrities including David Beckham & Brad Pitt have been seen adorning this hair style. Remember that its a high maintenance hairstyle that requires regular trimming but that’s totally worth it. Here you go with some cool ideas;

Modern angular-Pompadour-Hair Modern pompadour mod pomp

Undercut Blownup Pompadour Hairstyle for Men 2016 M pomp

You can slick it back or side part it or add any of your own personal touch that you find inspiring. Enjoy being creative with your hair!

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