15+ Inspiring Military Haircut Designs for Men

Military haircut looks amazing on all men regardless of their age. They are named as the military hairstyles because of their origination for the army. These are some of the standard cuts that the army men have to keep while serving. The best thing about them is that they simple, short, clean and very easy to maintain.

So here are some of the Military haircut styles that you guys will love to have:

Latest Military Haircut Styles for Men

1. High and Tight

High and Tight Haircut

2. Low fade haircut

This low fade haircut is flawless and precise for middle-aged men. The hair on the front are cut in geometric shape while the sides and back are clipped with #2 clipper. The military hairstyle  itself vanishes down the back of the neck, making an alternate, yet super smooth look.

2 Low Fade Military Hairstyle 2016

3. Burr cut

In the event that you need an about uncovered look yet would prefer not to trim your hair to the skin, then this is the perfect military haircut for you. In this haircut;

  • The hair are cut to the length of one eighth of an inch.
  • You can easily  get it done with the help of barber scissors.
  • For the best look, consult your hairdresser for different hair styling options and choose the one that suits your face features.

3 Rough Bur Cut Haircut for Men 2017

4. Butch haircut

This is another variation of popular buzz cut for army men. The hair on the top are kept little longer and the length decreases towards the sides and back. It is a rough hairstyle that can be styled quickly within two minutes and looks fabulous at the same time.

4 Butch Cut Haircut Styles for Men 2017

5. Military high fade

Military High Fade Haircut Black Men

6. Crew cut hairstyle

This basic military hairstyle is thought to be very moderate when compared with other military hairstyles. The haircut includes trimming the hair to no less than two inches, however, guaranteeing that the front hair have an additional length that can be easily brushed and styled. The hair on the sides of the head and the back ought to be much shorter so that the finished product has definite shape, particularly at the front.

6 Stylish Crew Cut Hairstyles for Men 2017

7. The Long Buzzcut

7 Birch Haircut Style for Men 2017-2018

8. The Regulation Cut

This long military hairstyle is thought to be one of the most stylish and required minor trimming and maintenance. The hair on the top are kept longer and side parted starting from the front and moving towards the back of head. To give it a flawless look, hair on the back and sides are taper faded up-to skin. Get the hair to the required length with the help of scissors and use trimmer to get the sides faded as you see in below picture.

The Regulation Cut for Men

9. Short army hair cut

Short Army Haircut Style for Men 2017

10. Induction cut

This short military haircut is exceptionally straightforward and uncovered. It can be achieved with the help of trimmer with #1 or #2 clipper depending upon your choice. It is much easier to do as the length of the hair on top is almost same. The sides are skin faded with trimmer to give a bold look. The final product is stubble-like surface. This is one of the most common military hairstyle of 2016 that is very easy to do and maintenance is also negligible.

The Induction Cut Military Hairstyle for Men

11. Faded undercut with Pompadour

Faded Undercut Slicked Back Military Haircut Style 2017

12. Flat top haircut for black men

Flat Top High Fade Military Hairstyles 2017

13. High fade short military haircut

Short Military Haircut for Army Men 2017

14. Swept back Faded military haircut

Swept Back Military Haircut for American Army guys

15. The arch hairstyle

The Arch Military Haircut for Army Personnel

16. Slick back hairstyle

It is time to grab the attention of all the ladies around you with this hairstyle. This slicked back military hairstyle suits most men with long face shape. The sides are low faded as you see in other military haircuts and gives you an amazing look.

Slicked Back Undercut Military Haircut Styles 2017

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