25 Military Haircuts for Men

Military haircuts are usually short and adopted by armed forces personals. Since last few years, the trend of military hairstyles is also getting popular among civil men too. Choosing the “best military haircut” might be difficult because of so many available options. The popular military style haircuts include High and Tight, Crew Cut, Burr Cut, and undercut for men.

These short haircuts look cool and keep you fresh even during hot summer weather. Furthermore, they require little to no maintenance at all and suits men of almost all ages. These can be styled in a variety of ways by using a good quality hair product.

Military Style Haircuts for Men

We are sharing some special types of military haircuts for your inspiration. Choose your favorite cut from our collection and take a printout of the photo along with you when visiting barber next time. Here you go;

1. Burr Cut

Burr Cut - Military Style Haircuts for Boys

2. Clean High & Tight
Clean High & Tight Haircut3. Crew Cut Military HairstyleCrew Cut Military Hairstyle for Men

4. Disconnected Fade HaircutDisconnected Fade Haircut

5. Short Pompadour with FadeFade with Short Pompadour - Military Haircut


6. Military Haircut for KidsMilitary Haircut for Kids

7. Shaved Sides Military HairstyleShaved Sides Military Style for Men

8. Short & Messy Spikes for GuysShort & Messy Spikes for Guys9. Short Comb Over HairstyleShort Comb Over Hairstyle10. Short Spikes Army Undercut HairstyleShort Spikes Army Undercut Hairstyle


11. Wavy Army Hairstyle with TattooShort Wavy Army Hairstyle12. Side Part Fade HaircutSide Part Fade Haircut - Military Style13. Skin Fade Geometric HaircutSkin Fade Geometric Haircut 14. Slicked Back Undercut Army HairstyleSlicked Back Undercut Army Hairstyle15. The Buzz CutThe Buzz Cut Military Haircut


16. The Chiseled Taper FadeThe Chiseled Taper Fade Military Haircut17. The Disconnected Undercut HairstyleThe Disconnected Undercut Hairstyle 18. The Faded Army Hairdo
The Faded Army Hairdo19. The Forward Swept HairstyleThe Forward Swept Hairstyle20. High & Tight Fade CutThe High & Tight Fade Cut


21. Mark Salling HairstyleThe High & Tight Look22. The High Fade Military Style HaircutsThe High Fade Military Style Haircuts23. The Medium Fade Military Hairstyle for GuysThe Medium Fade Military Hairstyle for Guys24. The Regulation CutThe Regulation Cut - Military Haircut for Men25. Undercut Fade with BeardUndercut Fade with Beard

That’s all about top 25 military hairstyles for men. These army haircuts are very easy to style and prove to me time-saving. With a little creativity, you can create your own military look. One thing is common among all these looks is that the sides and back are either faded or completely shaved. It is the major feature of every military haircut. You can style the top hair in various formats and that all depends upon your preference. It is advisable to keep the top hair medium length and style them in such a way to suit your face cut.

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