15 Superb Mohawk Fade Haircut Styles 2018

Mohawk fade haircut is a trendy hipster haircut that’s very popular specially among black men in 2018. It is also known as a Mohican hairstyle.  In mohawk fade cut, the hair present at the sides and back of head are faded with clipper. The hair on top are left with longer length that can be spiked up using gel or some hair product.

Decades ago mohawk was considered to be rebellious and outlandish hipster haircut because of its association with punk rock movement of the early 80s. It was considered being a rebellious haircut to all types of authorities. Be it political or social. Mohawk hairstyle is prevalent throughout history and it was associated with tribe of Native American Mohawk Indians. However, with time, the haircut got modernized with latest trends and today its very much different from the classic 1980’s mohawk hairstyle.

Today you get a variety of styling mohawk just like fohawk. You can get the sides completely shaved or faded high keeping a narrow strip on top and style the mohawk. You can wear it on formal as well as informal occasions. It is limitless with unlimited styling options and each style will give you a totally new look. So here we came up with 15 best Mohawk fade haircut that’s getting trendy among men in 2018.

Do you wish to adorn a mohawk fade hairstyle that’s edgy just like fohawk fade haircut? You should go for a variation of Mohawk, that’s called the faded Mohawk. It’s bound to make you look different with very unique styles. A true Mohawk features shaved sides with a strip of hair in the middle from the top to the back of the head. If you have the confidence to rock with an edgy hairstyle like Faded Mohawk, then do get one.

It’s a not a good idea to do a Mohawk fade haircut yourself as it requires prior experience. So you should go to an experienced barber in order to get mohawk fade haircut. For a fade mohawk you will need a good trimmer and a little practice to cut and style your hairs the way you want. If you want to cut your Mohawk yourself, you will have all the freedom to restyle it every day or at least whenever you feel it is required. However, you also need to be very careful with that little tool called trimmer. A little mistake can ruin the hairstyle big time for you.

Usher, the famous American singer and many other celebs especially football players have been seen wearing faded Mohawks. If you are a real macho man who adores the tough and fierce look like usher with the guts to look  different, here are some inspirations for you.

Men’s Mohawk Fade Haircut 2018

1. Widows peak hairstyle

widow’s-peak-mohawk- fadehairstyle-for-men

2. Trendy Black Men Mohawk Hairstyle

Dramatic look Mohawk

3. Mohawk Fade Hairstyle for Chubby Face

Extra short Mohawk Hairstyle

4. Closely cropped mohawk haircutshort mohawk

5. Disconnected mohawk fade hairstylesMohawk-Taper-Fade-Haircut-for-Men1

6. Layered mohawk cutfaded mohawk

7. Short messy hairstylelight-and-messy-mohawk-

8. Long Angular Mohawk Hairstyle

Messy and Angular Mohawk

9. Comb over mohawk fade haircutcomb-over-Mohawk-hairstyle-for-men

10. Burst fade mohawk styleburst-fade-mohawk-hairstyles-for-men1

11. David Beckham’s textured fohawk


12. Fanned and shaved hairstyleblack-guy-mohawk-fade

13. Really short mohawk fade strip hairstyle


14. Rainbow colored low mohawk

Rainbow colored low mohawk

15. Real Shaved Long Mohawk hairstyle

Real Shaved Mohawk

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