Most Popular Neymar Haircut Styles

Neymar Jr is a soccer superstar who is not only famous for his game but also due to cool hairstyles that he wears. Neymar haircut is widely adopted by young guys since the last FIFA world cup. Just like Cristiano Ronaldo & Lionel Messi, Neymar also became a fashion icon due to his funky mohawk haircut. He is the youngest professional footballer from Brazil who loves to experiment with different looks. A recent publication shows that Neymar is the most expensive soccer player from Europe. This young superstar has scored over 200 goals in club matches & even 51 more for this country.

Apart from mohawk, he is also seen with other bold hairstyles including, high fades, dreadlocks and undercut. He is bold enough to adopt textured, crazy, hipster and modern hairstyles that became his identification among his fans. Mullet hairstyle is another unique hairstyle that got famous when Neymar adopted it. We have collected some popular Neymar haircut styles since last few years. This includes undercut, side-swept, forward-swept, bleached & also his new hairstyle for the upcoming season.  Enjoy!

Popular Neymar Haircut Styles

1.The Long Top Undercut

The Long Undercut Hairstyle

2. The Simple Gelled HairstyleThe Gelled Hairstyle by Neymar

3. Fully Bleached Neymar HairstyleThe Dyed Blonde Hairstyle by neymar

4. The braided ponytail hairstyle
The Braided Ponytail hairstyle5. Bleached Forward-swept hairstyle

The Bleached Forward Swept Undercut

6. Shaved Sides Brushed Up Hairstyle
Neymar Shaved Sides Hairstyle

7. Short crew cut haircutNeymar's Short Crew cut Hairstyle

8. The Popular Neymar Mullet HairstylePopular Mullet Hairstyle by Neymar

9. The Professional side-swept hairstyleNeymar Side swept Hairstyle

10. Bleached Fauxhawk Look by NeymarThe Bleached Fauxhawk

11. The Forward-swept Undercut HairstyleNeymar Forward Swept Undercut

12. Half Blonde Fringe Hairstylehalf Blonde Hair with Beard

13. The Mohawk Fringe combo by neymarFringes with Mohawk

14. Bob Marley type Long curlsBob Marley Long Curls Neymar Look

15. The long mohawk hairstyle2016's Mohawk Hairstyle by Neymar

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