Top 10 Odell Beckham Jr Haircut 2017

The Odell Beckham Jr haircut is noticeable and widely adopted among black men. The famous American football wide receiver generally wears fauxhawk hairstyle. Although he adopted a variety hairstyles throughout his career. Young people love odell beckham hair and want to get hairstyle like him. After performing in just two sessions of NFL, Odell Beckham haircut got much attention of kids, youth & men. A lot of people around the country started following his signature style.

Odell Beckham haircut also received critique and some people even created memes about his blonde Mohawks. When asked about his memes, Odel said he also enjoys these and never take them personally. Have a look at below meme which got much popularity  back in 2015.

Odell Beckham Jr Meme

Ever wondered how black men get such curly hairstyles? For your information, there are special types of sponges available in market that contain holes. These sponges are used to twist up hair and make them curly. You can get a sponge twister at nominal price from amazon.

Popular Odell Beckham Haircut Styles

Some notable Odell Beckham Jr hair styles include Afros, bowl cut, burst fade faux hawk and short mohawk hairstyle with blonde hair. He wears the van dyke beard amazingly well along with ear rings. Combining all the features form an amazing hipster look that will grab the eyeballs around you. Here we have some inspiring Odell Beckham haircut styles for the fans of famous superstar.

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