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Men’s Side Part Hairstyles 2018

Razor Fade Side Part Quick Hairstyle for Boys

Men’s side part hairstyles are in fashion among men since early 1950’s. In 2018 the trend of side part hairstyles among men is again evolving. No, they are not boring anymore just like the classic ones. In 2018 different variations to the classic hairstyle have been added making it simple yet more attractive. That’s the reason […]

High and Tight Haircut for Men 2018

Cool high and tight hipster hairstyles for men 2016

High and tight haircut is a short military haircut that’s very popular among army personnels worldwide. Being a short haircut, it’s also becoming trendy among civilians especially during the summer season, young guys like to adopt shor high and tight haircut. It is also known as military cut.  Men serving the armed forces prefer to […]

Cool Wavy Hairstyles for Men 2018

the ultimate business hairstyle look for boys 2016

Men’s Wavy Hairstyles 2018: Have you come across people who have got wavy hair, but they simply abhor it and are always wishing for straight hair or are planning on getting straightening treatments? Do you happen to be one of them? Then just stop right there! Did you know these days people with straight hair […]

20 Trendy Messy Hairstyles For Men

6- Natural Messy Strands for Men

One of the biggest trends in men’s hairstyles is a messy haircut. This style is opposite to neat, professional cuts, but in the meantime, this is not the same as the bed head style. A zest of this hairdo is slight negligence, which always looks stylish and appealing. On top of that, the tendency of […]

Top 10 Fantastic Soccer Haircuts

Miguel Veloso spiky hairstyle for footballers

Soccer haircuts introduced by the famous soccer players are great source of inspiration for all of us. If you are a footballer or sports lover then you might be following the hairstyles of famous footballers like Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar & Sergio Ramos. So here in this article we came up with top 10 Soccer haircuts and hairstyles for […]

Cool Shaggy Hairstyles for Guys 2018

Blonde shaggy hairstyle for guys

Collection of best short shaggy hairstyles for boys. Are you unruly, artistic or have a cheerful nature? Even better, do you happen to be a combination of all three? Men’s shaggy hairstyles are meant for you. One interesting thing about it is that these are not limited to hair length or hair type. It doesn’t matter […]

25 Stylish Mens Undercut Hairstyles 2018

Men Undercut Hairstyle 2016

Undercut hairstyles happens to be the most admired hairstyle in the kingdom of men’s fashion. It happens to be the world’s most-popular hairstyle that you will see on cover pages of popular men magazines.  You will also notice many television and film stars sporting it confidently. Undercut hairstyles 2017 have been popular since forever in the alley […]

12 Inspiring Widows peak Hairstyles for Men 2018

Johnny Dep's Widows peak Hairstyle

The problems of men receding hairline and thinning hair are now becoming very common in 2018. Apart from old men, even youngsters are going through such problems of hair loss and thinning hair. It is no more a rarity. Fortunately, Widows peak hairstyles are one of the best solutions for men who are facing such hair […]

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