Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shaping Cream (Review)

Is your biggest worry regarding the hair product you use is that it makes your hair look artificial rather than simply natural and beautiful? If that is the case then you have to use tea tree shaping cream or at least give it a try. With Paul Mitchel tea tree shaping cream, you can have shiny hair with pure natural looks. You don’t have to apply the cream to the roots of the hair. Instead, the cream itself sets within the hair locks as it moves down towards the end of the strands.

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shaping Cream will keep your hairstyle in position and all the hair strands separate. The mesh-like fibers in the tea tree shaping cream give your hair texture. Just run fingers through your hair after applying and cream and maintain your desired hairstyle perfectly throughout the day.

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Do you just hate it when your hair looks like you have thrown a handful of products into your hair? Well, I do and this is what gave me another reason to totally adore tea tree shaping cream. This cream offers a really dry and cleaner look with a matte finish rather than that slick, crusty and greasy look that looks like as if you dipped your hair in oil. You will end up with a clean and fresh experience with the strong matte finish that it offers.

However, that does not mean your hair will not have any shine and luster at all. Your hair will show off a diffused shine as a result of the separation of hairs into their individual strands. The cream contains strong and flexible resins that make your hair look silky and smooth with an absolutely natural touch to it rather than artificial.


Among all the benefits that Paul Mitchell tea tree shaping cream endows on your hair, it also has an invigorating and exemplary smell of tea tree botanicals. At times, when a certain hair product works well, the smell seems to be extremely repelling and that’s not the case with this product. It will allow you to get an appealing personality after leaving lovely fragrance in your hair.

We all get irritated when the hairs start getting out of place even after setting it with a good hair product. Paul Mitchell knew what he was doing when he made this tea tree shaping cream because it has strong hold ability which leaves you worry free regarding the touch ups all the day. This creamy hair wax will always give you a grease-free look because of the strong flexibility endowing resins that it contains. It greatly helps to manipulate and play with your hair in whatever style and shape you like.

I used this product almost every day to manage my hair and I simply love the fresh feeling it gives me. It almost seems like a leave-in conditioner and my wife just loves playing with my hair later on. I can keep re-doing my hair all day long and the best part is it never gets hard yet keeps your hair in place.

I have found this product to be great for guys who have fine hair and are craving for more hair volume and texture. Although I immensely love the product; but one thing about it bothers me. The price keeps getting higher and the size keeps shrinking. All in all the cream is one adept therapy for your beautiful hair.


  • Less is more. You just need to use less cream to easily style your hair
  • Looks natural and not at all greasy
  • You will be able to run your fingers through your hair after use
  • Smells great
  • Matte finish and flexible to styling
  • Doesn’t get hard and you can keep re-doing your hair whenever you like
  • Long lasting hold
  • Hair strands remains separate. They don’t clump together.


  • The price has doubled now, but the product’s size has reduced to half of what it was earlier.

Paul Mitchell tea tree shaping cream is available on Amazon with a free shipping if you want to give it a try. Don’t forget to share your views about this product through the contact page.