15 Hot Justin Bieber Hairstyles Collection 2018

Popular Justin Bieber hairstyles: When guys think of celebrity hairstyles, Justin Bieber is bound to hit the chord. This YouTube sensation has worked hard on his looks with huge variations in his hairstyles every passing year, which isn’t coming to a halt anytime soon. He doesn’t simply owe his popularity to his singing but also his endearing fashion sense. Do you happen to be his fan? If so, you will certainly enjoy going through this collection of amazing Justin Bieber hairstyles with cool variations.

From Sexy hairstyles to strange ones, he has done it all with great confidence. His side-swept haircut with bangs made him a heartthrob among girls. Later on he grew his hair long on the crown and entirely shaved the sides. Moving on, he sported a long shaggy hairstyle in the VMA and thrilled his fans with his new look. He resembled Mike Score from  A Flock of Seagulls. It takes guts to dye your hair completely platinum. He swept them sideways and managed to look extremely handsome with a platinum hairstyle.

Justin Bieber look has gone through sharp transitions just like his career and fame. From being a simple guy who posted his talent on YouTube to become a famous celebrity. He has changed from nice looking Canadian teen to a man he is now. Justin bieber and his team has been putting in quite an effort to build up a persona that he owns. Whether you are his fan or NOT, there is something about him that made him win billions of fans around the world. Who don’t feel shy to walk in his footsteps when it comes to style particularly the Justin Bieber hairstyles that he changes often.

So let’s walk you through his transitions. Maybe you might want to try his unique hairstyles or variations of it…

Top 15 Justin Bieber Hairstyles Collection 2018

1. Brushed up hairstyle

brushed up

2. Casual blonde bieber haircut

Casual blondes

3. Innocent Combover hairstyle


4. Long Fringe hairstyle by Justin Bieber


5. Funky hairstyle with bangs

funky hair

6. Justin’s long Shaggy hairstyle

long shag

7. Medium length Justin hairstyle

medium length hairstyle

8. Messed up look

next door boy look

9. Pure platinum hairstyle


10. Short blonde messy Justin Bieber hairstyle

short and blonde

11. Puffed up hairs

puffed up hairs

12. Classic Slick back hairstyle

slicked back

13. Slightly messed side swept hairstyle

slightly messed side swept hairstyle

14. Tousled Spikes look


15. Justin Bieber Comb Over Hairstyle

Trump's combover

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