10 Best Quiff Hairstyles to Try This Year

Quiff haircut is a nice combination of men’s pompadour and flat top hairstyle. Quiffs are worn by guys from many years and now they are gaining much more popularity in 2018. Quiff hairstyles look neat, elegant and suits well to the professionals. Also they are a bit funky and that’s why included in the list of modern hairstyles for men. David Beckham is the person who introduced the modern quiff hairstyle by combining the classic pompadour with side part. See how elegantly Beckham looks with this modern look;

David Beckham's Quiff Hairstyle

Quiff is a versatile hairstyle that suits men with different face shapes & hair texture. Also you can style it in various formats that include classic, modern, disconnected and shaved lines hairstyle. In order to get this style, you need to have a good length and volume of hair on top. The sides are usually cleaned after trimming and the top is styled like messy comb over or brushed back hairstyle.

Quiff is similar to the disconnected haircut and you get a lot of styling options with it. So if you want to change your current hairstyle then the below photos of quiffs can help you to choose the best one. Have a look at these pictures and decide your next haircut as per your taste.

Latest Quiff Hairstyles for Men

1- The Disheveled Quiff

This is a short, messy and wavy hairstyle that features undercut with quiff on top. It looks very styling with highlights of dark brown color and neck tattoo.

1- The Disheveled Quiff Hairstyle for Men

2- The Refined Quiff

If you are looking for something clean, stylish and professional then this refined haircut can be a nice choice. In this style, the sides are fully faded up to the temples. A small pompadour is is formed on the front that makes it sexy.

2- The Refined Quiff Haircut for Guys

3- The Long Slicked Look

If you got long, fine hairs and wanna try quiff then go for this option. This haircut will make your face look oblong. So its best for those with round/oval face shape.

3- The Long Slicked Look

4- The Side Swept Messy Quiff

This hairstyle features side swept look with medium to long length hairs. The sides are not faded but just trimmed short with scissors. The top hairs are styled sideways with addition of hair spray to keep the style intact.

4- The Side Swept Messy Quiff Hairstyle

5- Quiff for Professionals

If you are a professional or business man and looking for a new haircut that makes you look confident then this can be the best choice. The sides are well trimmed and the top hairs are kept longer so that they can be slicked back. Minor highlights are added to create a contrast between the short sides and long top. Addition of light beard will further enhance the beauty of this cool quiff hairstyle for men.

5- Quiff for Professionals

6- The Disconnected Quiff Haircut for Boys

The disconnected quiff haircut is a new trend that is getting more popular among young guys. In this hairstyle, the sides and back are fully faded and a separation is formed from the top hairs. The top hairs are kept of medium length and slicked towards the back to form a disconnected undercut quiff hairstyle.

6- The Disconnected Quiff Haircut for Boys

7- The Modern Quiff Hairstyle

The modern quiff hairstyle is extra messy with added hair color to make it look bold and stylish. Furthermore, the hairs are kept of longer length and styled sideways to form this cool look. Have a look at this stylish Korean hairstyle.

7- The Modern Quiff Hairstyle

8- The Extra Long Quiff Haircut for Guys

This is another variation of modern quiff that features extra long top hairs with low fades on sides and back. Again the hairs are swept towards the sides and back but this time they are not messy. This hipster look is perfect for heart face shape.

8- The Extra Long Quiff Haircut for Boys

9- The Complete Hipster Look

If you are bold enough and have courage to try hipster looks then this hairstyle is a good option to carry. Again the sides are fully faded to a lower length while top hairs are kept longer. In this look, the top is styled differently as compared to other quiffs. Basically the top hairstyle is a combination of pompadour and spikes that look absolutely perfect. The hipster mustaches with ear piercing and light beard further intensified the beauty of this hipster quiff haircut.

9- The hipster Quiff Haircut Look

10- The Disconnected Spiky Pompadour Look

This is basically an all-in-one look that consists of pompadour on front, spikes on top and disconnection from the sides. Its absolutely perfect hairstyle for those guys who want to look cool and stylish. The disconnection is further enhanced with a light shaved line on both sides that goes up to the back. A low fade is added on sides to complete the look. The styling of this quiff hairstyle is little bit difficult but a good pomade and hair spray can help you to achieve similar look within minutes.

10- The Disconnected Pompaodur Quiff Hairstyle

So which one is your favorite quiff hairstyle out of these? Don’t forget to share your opinion through the comment section.

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