15 Ridiculous Haircuts That Look Crazy

A variety of haircuts have been introduced by the hair stylists for boys as well as for girls. These include simple, modern, hipster and also some ridiculous haircuts that look crazy. If you wanna try something unique as an odd duck then this blog post can help you out. We have compiled a variety of funny haircut styles that you would love to try.

As you know, the Halloween is also near so you can also pick one of these ridiculous haircut for Halloween. Keep in mind that these haircuts are not for everybody. You should be bold and have enough courage to adopt these fun hairstyles. Also these are not recommended for professionals. But if you are going to attend a causal party or spending holidays then you can have any of these crazy haircuts.

So let us share with you some of the crazy hair day ideas;

The Most Funny Haircuts for Guys

1- The Pineapple Guy

This boy seems to be a pineapple lover. That’s why he got a pineapple hairstyle and dyed the hair in yellow/green to complete the look. It is basically a modified version of crew cut in which a patch of longer hair on the top is left while the remaining hairs are cut short. Some diagonal shaved lines are formed with razor to match the look with pineapple. You should be bold enough to support such hipster hairstyles and it would be really fun to have a hairstyle like this on a casual party.

Funny Pineapple Hairstyle for Boys

2- Spikes, Bangs and Long Side Burns Hairstyle

This hairstyle looks somewhat odd and ridiculous because its not proportioned well. The hair are cut very short on the back and medium length is kept on top and front. The sides are left much longer and the hairs are extended below the normal sideburns length. The front bangs are kept straight with some gel. In short, its a very funny hairstyle that looks crazy and no one should ever adopt it. Spikes, Bangs and Long Side Burns Hairstyle

3- The Beard on Head, Ridiculous Hairstyle

Here comes the nerdy student hairstyle. This can be helpful for those students who get sleepy during boring lectures in classroom. A complete face is formed on the head by precisely shaving some patches of hair. Some longer hairs are kept on the front that form the beard. Similarly, eye lashes and eyebrows are also drawn with hairs by shaving outer areas. This person has further enhanced the look by wearing glasses that make him look like a nerd student of university. It seems like this guy is sleeping in classroom while the nerdy bearded person is awake and listening to the lecture. Hats off to the creativity of the person who introduced this funny hairstyle.

The Beard on Head, Ridiculous Hairstyle

4- The Double Face Hairstyle for Men

Here comes another double face hairstyle for men which is simpler as compared to No 3. This look features crew cut with platinum dyed hair. Face of a man wearing mustaches and goggles is featured artistically on the back of side. This haircut design can be formed with a razor and you can modify it further to enhance the beauty of this funny haircut.

The Double Face Hairstyle for Men

5- The Dual Face Hairstyle for Guys

Here comes another creative haircut design in which the barber has drawn face of man on the head by cutting hairs. It is an extremely difficult hairstyle and only expert barbers can do such designs. The hairs that were coming on the upper lips were left longer intentionally to form tendril mustaches. The wrinkles on the face of this old man are also shown by trimming the hairs in narrow lines. If you know an expert in your area then  you can ask him about this type of haircut by showing him the picture.The Dual Face Hairstyle for Guys

6- The furious Hairstyle with Spider on Head

Here comes a scary hairstyle that features a mighty spider sitting on the head. A spiderweb is also formed by leaving strips of hair over the head. The main body of spider is designed by leaving a man bun at the top. While the legs are formed with thin braids that are also extending from the bun. In order to keep the legs in place, hair gel or pomade can be applied. This shall be one of the popular Halloween hairstyle of 2017.

The furious Hairstyle with Spider on Head

7- The Colorful Chameleon Mohawk Hairstyle for Guys

You might have seen different colorful Mohawks worn on special events by some bold guys. This is one of those funny hairstyle that you can have for fun. A simple Mohawk is formed by shaving the sides and keeping a thin yet longer hair strip on top. After that the hairs are dyed to form a colorful chameleons sitting on the head. The legs and body of chameleon can be designed with colors too, so its not that much difficult as it seems.

The Colorful chameleons Mohawk Hairstyle for Guys8- The Hairy Hat Funny Hairstyle for Guys

Here comes an African American ridiculous haircut that features an African guy wearing a hat made up of hairs. The hat protects you from heat but if you wear a hat made of hairs then obviously your head will get hotter but you will certainly look cool with that. So the choice is yours.The Hairy Hat Funny Hairstyle for Guys

9- The Long Braided Ponytail Hairstyle for Men

This hairstyle features undercut with messy top and a ponytail on the back just like women used to wear. It is a combination of two totally different looks. But the way this person wears this combo is just awesome. If you want to attend a formal gathering then this could be a nice choice to wear. You can leave the ponytail part if you don’t want to look odd. Some facial hairs can add extra beauty to this look.

The Long Braided Ponytail Hairstyle for Men

10- The Messy Fringe Hairstyle EMO Inspired

Here comes EMO inspired shaggy hairstyle for guys. Its an absolutely cool hairstyle featuring long shaggy hairs that are covering both sides of face as well as the forehead. The hairs are kept little bit messy that make it look funny as well as attractive. That’s why I thought to include this photo in our list of ridiculous haircuts.

The Messy Fringe Hairstyle EMO Inspired

11- The Pooping Guy on Head Hilarious Haircuts for Men

This barber has crossed all the limits and drawn a man who is pooping on the head of this person. It looks funny as well as disgusting and i think no one would like to have a hairstyle like this.
The Pooping Guy on Head Hilarious Haircuts for Men

12- The Purple Spiky Hilarious Mohawk Hairstyle for Men

Here comes an alien-inspired dual Mohawk hairstyle for hipster men. This scary hairstyle can also be worn on Halloween along with some face makeup and matching costume to complete the look. You can say it a double Mohawk hairstyle. The hair all over the head are fully shaved and just narrow strips of long hairs are left on both sides to form dual Mohawk. Finally the hair are dyed in purple color to give a furious touch.The Purple Spiky Hilarious Mohawk Hairstyle for Men

13- The Rainbow Hairstyle

This seems to me the most ridiculous hairstyle of 2017. This chubby guy has tanned all he hairs on head as well as beard with rainbow colors. It looks really funny to wear such a colorful hairstyle. Furthermore, he followed the same color pattern as we see in the rainbow. The Rainbow Hairstyle & Beard

14- The Rat on Head with Long Tail, Funny Hairstyle

A rat with a long tail is featured on the back of head of this guy. The detailing is not too much so its easy to get such hairstyle. But I don’t think anybody would like to have such ridiculous haircut.

The Rat on Head with Long Tail, Funny Hairstyle15- The Whorl Hairstyle for Guys

The last hairstyle in our list is not too much funny but it seems innovative. The natural whorl of hairs is further enhanced and extended to make it more visible. This haircut looks cool and also its a new trend of this year. So why not try out this one.

The Weird Spiral Hairstyle for Guys

I hope that you enjoyed these funny haircut ideas. If you have something even more funnier then don’t forget to share it with us. We would be happy to publish it at our website.

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