20 Alluring Rockabilly Hairstyles for Men 2017

Men’s Rockabilly hairstyles are in fashion since early 1950’s. This year, the trend of vintage hairstyles is again reviving with the classic pompadour hairstyle. It’s funny how a famous men’s hairstyle like pompadour actually has its root in a woman giving it an air of popularity. The credit of being a pioneer in this rockabilly hairstyle goes to the notorious mistress of King Louis XV, known by the name of Madame de pompadour.

This rockabilly hairstyle of the 1950s, initially comprised of classic pompadour and the slicked back greaser look that men completely adored. Some of the pioneer men to style up this vintage hairstyle were James Dean, John Travolta (the famous Dracula), and Elvis Presley.  To this day, men have been rocking the many variations it comes in. Even though Elvis Presley initially made this look seem like it was just a hippy hairstyle but that idea has fallen far far behind now. Its association with Rock and Roll gave birth to its actual name, rockabilly hairstyles.

Do you happen to be a rockstar, student, celebrity, businessman or simply a young boy? It will blend well with whatever your profession, career, or personality. It is immensely flexible hairstyle with respect to where you want to wear it and what the occasion is. You can try the two categories of this look, the classic and modern pompadour look. With time hair stylists have  brought about various changes to this vintage look that would suit the taste of people and have modernized it to a great extent.

Now the classic rockabilly hairstyle is so much more than just a hipster hairstyle it is misunderstood to be due to its association with the rock and roll star, Elvis Presley. It is perfect for long face shape, but it usually go with the majority of the face shapes. In the classic rockabilly hairstyle, the back and sides are tapered just enough to balance with the hair on top of the head. One mistake you should be careful about is cropping your hair above the crown of the head. This will give an angular style rather than the classic Rockabilly look that you are trying to achieve.

Classic Rockabilly-Hairstyle Classic elvis rockabilly

Best Rockabilly Hairstyles for Men Cool 1950's Rockabilly Hairstyle
Rockabilly Quiff Hairstyle 2016

The modern rockabilly hairstyles are a mixture of haircuts giving more contemporary options. One such example is the hottest combo of the season, skin fade pompadour. It is a mixture of skin fade (also known as bald fade cut) and pompadour style. In this hairstyle, the hair are cropped very close to the skin. This is exactly how it gets its name. you must have surely seen this look on many celebrities.

Another hot combo is the mixture of rockabilly and undercut hairstyle. This is an explosive combination since both the hairstyles are extremely sizzling hot. In this hair cut, the hair on top becomes more prominent due to the short undercut. One thing to remember is that these looks require regular trimming and therefore regular maintenance is required. However,they are worth all your time and effort. No good thing comes easy in life. Let’s have a look at some amazing men’s rockabilly hairstyles for inspiration.

Alluring Rockabilly Hairstyles for Guys 2016


Pompadour Hairstyles for Boys Undercut with Pompadour Hairstyle 2016 Rockabilly hairstyles for guys Amazing Pompadour Rockabilly Hairstyle

Side part it, slick it, do whatever innovation you feel like. Get your creativity storming with these looks!

the bad boy rockabilly

rockabilly with highlights

rockabilly with heavy beard

Messy Rockabilly-Hairstyle

hipster rockabilly look

formal rockabilly

dark brown with highlighted rockabilly

Brushed up rockabilly

Brown pompadour


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