10 Best Shaved Sides Hairstyles for Men 2017

Men’s shaved sides hairstyles are again coming into fashion in 2017 with different creative variations. Whether it is summer that is coming or just plain winter season, shaved sides hairstyles for boys are always in trend. They not only make you feel cool but also look attractive. So let’s beat the summer heat with the best shaved sides haircut styles.

Let’s begin with the Mohawk hairstyle which is an ultimate show stopper and easy to manage hairstyle as well. All you have to do is regularly shave your sides and let the hair grow from your top of the head to the neck.  You can choose the hair length you want on the top of your head. Keep one thing in mind about mohawk haircut, that the longer you grow them, the more fabulous it looks.You can try out long messy spikes instead of that punk fan look.

Are you a fan of pompadour hairstyles? Then there is a variation of classic pompadour just meant for you called the skin fade pompadour hairstyle or the shaved sides pompadour haircut. In this haircut, the sides and back of head cropped close to the skin called the skin fade haircut or completely shaved. with razor. The hair on top can be brushed up with a wide-tooth brush to form a perfect pompadour hairstyle. You can also side part the top hair to get another classic look. Remember in pompadour, the hair on top are not straight away slicked back, but combed a little to the sides. It’s a perfect shaved side hairstyle for men with round faces as it makes your face look slimmer.

Have your hairs become a huge hassle and unmanageable for you? Make it hassle free with bald fade haircuts. Oh no! Bald fade simply means that the hair on the sides are clipped very close to the skin. So the sides look nearly shaved. If you want, you can shave sides entirely as well. You can have whatever hairstyle you want on top from crew cut to ivy league hairstyle. Men in military wore these high and tight haircuts a lot. These are highly low maintenance hairstyles & easily manageable.

Another popular haircut for guys that is worth-mentioning is the undercut. Although it doesn’t feature completely shaved sides, but almost shaved ones is the Undercut. It looks best on people who have thick hair & usually young boys prefer to get undercut hairstyle. You might have heard of bowl haircut, that’s another breed of this amazing hairstyle. I hope that this brief intro helped you in understanding different types of shaved sides hairstyles. Now let’s have a look at some inspirational images.

Top 10 Popular Shaved Sides Hairstyles in 2017

1. Short Grey harstyle for men


2. Bald fade undercut hairstyle

bald fade undercut

3. Brad Pitt Shaved Sides haircut


4. Brown skin fade pompadour hairstyle

brown skin fade pompadour

5. Shaved Mohawk pompadour hairstyle


6. Rockabilly Comb over fade hairstyles

rockabilly skin fades

7. Shaved sides hairstyles with beard

shaved sides with beard

8. Men pony tail hairstyle 2016 trends


9. Short and bold haircut for black guysshort-and-bold

10. Slicked back undercut hairstyle


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