20 Stylish Mens Short Hairstyles 2018

Mens short hairstyles are in vogue in 2018 particularly because they are easy to wash, style and require low on maintenance. Every other person these days has a really busy schedule and cannot put hours into just styling their hair. We all have so many things to do. Short hairstyles for boys look extremely trendy with tons of variations and being extremely open to creativity. It’s a favorite of most guys out there because of the fast paced life everyone is leading these days and the versatility it comes with. You can easily break the monotony every now and then by bringing some change to your hair, whether the change is little or big. Short hairstyles for men do the magic and can help you getting a totally new look.

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to look forward to good things in life and why not your hairs? Don’t tell me you are STILL trying to grow out your hair to style a man bun? STILL requesting your hair stylist for a ‘Caesar’? STILL not making use of hair products? If you still are into these things. You need to STOP.  It is 2018. Take out some time to redefine your hair with the best short hairstyles for guys 2018.

Gone are the days when people use to feel shy while trying out new hairstyles. People, in fact, WANT to try new short hairstyles and they carry them with utmost confidence. People don’t confine themselves within the boundaries of plain straight cuts anymore. Owing to the extremely fast paced life, short black hairstyles among men are blazing up in popularity this year. Let us share some popular hairstyles of 2018 which are currently in vogue and are here to stay the entire year.

You can wear block cuts, which is a fresh summer look. Who doesn’t like the feel of wind in the scalp in summers! You will definitely feel the wind as it touches the skin of your head’s sides.  At the same time you can keep thick hair on the crown. The hairs on the sides are trimmed close to skin and hair on top are a little longer. This short hairstyle is open to various styling options. You can curl them, add fringe or straighten your hair the way you like.

Block cuts

The angular fringe hairstyle became a trend through the male fashion models in the year 2016 but it still has got fame. It is sure to be popular hairstyle among men in 2018 as well. This short haircut includes long top cut at an angle and tapered sides. Although looks good on most face shapes, but is perfect for round faces.

angular fringe

The side part hairstyle never gets old since every year it finds new creativity zones at the hands of new hairstylists. It works amazingly well for businessmen who are mostly short of time and still want to look great. All you have to do is part your hair and shift them to one side. You can also combine side part with a beard and look hot.


This one is a great casual short hairstyle that’s always a classic no matter which year it is. All this hair style need is either a good styling cream or hair gel along with a quick brush through. In the end, you can use your fingers to style your into a sexy casual look. If you want this hairstyle to be easy to maintain, simply keep short sides and long hair on top & you are good to go.

Simple casual

Here are few more mens short hairstyles for you. Fill up your imagination and exercise your creativity with these hair styles and be the vogue you wish to see!

Cool Short hairstyles for Men

Up you go

short fohawk

Robert Pattinson crewcut 2016

jet black combover


gelled brown hair

Curly combover fade


Cave-ish look

best short hair style with ivy

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