Men’s Side Part Hairstyles 2018

Men’s side part hairstyles are in fashion among men since early 1950’s. In 2018 the trend of side part hairstyles among men is again evolving. No, they are not boring anymore just like the classic ones. In 2018 different variations to the classic hairstyle have been added making it simple yet more attractive. That’s the reason side part hairstyles are becoming the top choice among men. Here we have collected some creative ideas to style your hair in side part manner.

Since summer seems to be approaching, a light vintage hairstyle will rock you on. Have a classy & trendy look by having a trendy side part hairstyle. It is one of the most popular and timeless hairstyle option for men around the world.

Side part hairstyle got popular among men in the 1940s. You might have seen your grandfather with this simple hairstyle at some point in his life. But it doesn’t mean it is still as monotonous as it was used to be. Hair stylists today have a fair share in breaking this monotony and coming up with various versions of it. Many celebrities were spotted wearing this hairstyle in last few years, but in 2018 your grandpa’s side part hairstyle has made a comeback with some modern variations.

With the passage of time hairstylist have brought different variations to side parting. Now it can be adopted in different ways. Being versatile in origin, this simple hairstyle can go along with formal or informal looks. You can opt for a classical version of side part for retro look. And with cool variations, you can enjoy this vintage hairstyle with a modern look.

The good thing about it is the extreme flexibility and no limitations at all when it comes to age. In short, it is easily adaptable no matter who you are (whether a businessman, a college guy or a celebrity) and what age group you belong to. It works best for different hair types as well and lets you enjoy the vintage look or the current modified version of this ultimate hairstyle. So let’s proceed to our today’s collection.

Men’s Side Part Hairstyles 2018

The Classic Side Part Hairstyle

If you want to opt for the original (classic) version then go for this simple haircut. In a classic side part, the hair is parted from one side of the head, in a way to reveals the scalp slightly. You can part your hair either from the right or left, whichever side you prefer. Your mother might be taught you the same styling when you first learned to comb your hair. See how professional brad pit looks with this classic style.

Brad pitt's sidepart

The Modern Side Part Hairstyle

There is also a modern version of side part in which parting is not prominent, which allow the hair to loosely flow. The hairs are kept shorter on sides and longer on top. Texture can be applied for a nice finish.

Men with naturally textured or frizzy hair should be more careful when choosing the side for parting. They can experiment with different hair lengths to suit their face shape.

It is very important to locate the natural part line in order to wear side part hairstyles perfectly. To find your natural part line, brush your hair towards the forehead and after that comb towards the sides. As for the front, you can choose to brush straight to the side or you can even brush diagonally to create some lift. You can have the quiff hairstyle as well by brushing your hair diagonally upwards. Make sure that you apply a little pomade or gel to achieve the desired look.

modern side part with a quiff

Pompadour gives side part a modern touch, keeping intact the classical, polished look and make you look classy. Throughout men’s fashion history, pompadour remained very common. Since they can be adopted with varying hair lengths and can be styled in various manners. Celebrities like brad pitt also used to adopt it many times. Pompadour side part is a perfect choice for men who want to add a touch of modernity and uniqueness to their style.

Side part Pompadour Quiff Hairstyle

The side part hairstyle is  one of the sexiest options that works well for all men, but  it is the best look particularly for men with medium to long hair. It could be an effortless hairstyle if you stick to the classic side part. It is  ideal for a man who is running late and doesn’t want to put a lot of time and effort into making his hair look great. The side part hairstyle can be achieved in few minutes by simply parting the hair on the side of your head, and combing or brushing it over to one side.

Side part pompadour hairstyle 2016

Here are some of the timeless as well as modern side part hairstyles 2018 for you to choose from…

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