10 Best Stephen Curry Haircuts

The NBA’s most valuable player, Stephen Curry is popular for his shooting, look and hairstyles. He is an inspiration for the basketball lovers, especially the African-Americans who have the short curly hairstyles just like this iconic celebrity. Not only adults but children also love to wear hi signature sneakers.

Stephen Curry's Temple Fade

The most popular Stephen Curry haircuts covers a wide range of styles including the temple fade, low fades, blow out and afros. He has also been seen wearing the old-fashion mohawk hairstyles in the past. Stephen wears these curly looks extremely well and always inspire his fans.

You might be wondering about the person behind such amazing Stephen Curry hairstyles. Let me tell you that JayR Mallari is the personal barber of Stephen, who himself has a very different story of starting his career. He belonged to a poor family and couldn’t afford to purchase new pair of shoes, so he opened a shop in his garage and started hair cutting business. At that time, who knew that at sometime, JayR will become a renowned barber of Stephen.

JR Mallari, Barber of Stephen Curry

The Best Stephen Curry Haircuts

Let’s look on some of the best Stephen Curry haircuts.

1- Temple Fade

Temple fade is the most recent adopted haircut of Stephen Curry and he wears it extremely well. It features very short curly hairs on top, styled in a sleek manner. Moreover, the sides are buzzed up to the temples to complete the look.

1- Stephen Curry Temple Fade Haircut

2- Light Beard with Low Fade

His lightly rough beard along with mustaches gives an awe-inspiring manly look that catches the attention. Low fades are provided on sides to maintain this amazing hairstyle.

Temple Fade Hairstyle by Stephen Curry

3- Buzz Cut with Goatee

The goatee style with buzz cut also suits him extremely well as seen in the below picture.

Goatee Style with Buzz Cut Stephen Curry

4- The New Buzz Cut

Last year, Stephen Curry had a buzz cut that was much liked by everyone, especially his wife Ayesha.

Stephen Curry Buzz Cut Hairstyle 2017

5- The Ultimate Dreadlocks

This guy doesn’t get shy to try new looks, even he was seen wearing the dreadlocks last year. This was a completely new style worn by Stephen and it looks good on him.

Curly Dreads Hairstyle by Stephen

6- Stephen Curry Haircut 2018

You would be astonished to know that Curry went back to his signature hairstyle, the blow out this year. Have a look at the latest Stephen Curry haircut of 2018.

Stephen Curry Haircut 2018

7- High Top Fade

The below high-top fade hairstyle is very popular among African-American guys because of its elegance. Although it may take some time to style but the end-results always payoff. In this look, the curly top is styled upwards while the sides are faded to give a clean look.

The High Top Fade Hairstyle

8- The Old Temple Fade

The below picture of steph is from 2009 when he was picked at 7th for starters. Seems like he loves to adopt temple fade cut.

The Temple Fade Cut

9- The Neymar’s Inspiration

Curry not only inspires his fans but also the superstars like to have Stephen Curry hairstyles. Three years back, the famous Brazilian striker, Neymar changed his hairstyle to look like Stephen.

Neymar's Inspiration - Stephen Curry Haircut

10 – Curry with Son

Riley,the son of Stephen is wearing a long Afro hairstyle in the below picture. His father seems very emotional at this press conference.

Stephen Curry with His Son

I hope you enjoyed these diverse looks of Stephen. We will be glad to know about your favorite pick out of these. Keep visiting us for further updates!

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