Stylish Temp Fade Haircuts for Men

Men’s temp fade haircut one of the most popular type of fade haircut. Its is also known as temple fade, Brooklyn fade and low fade hairstyle among black men. You know fades have different types and each type offers a unique and attractive look to the person adopting it. Generally in a fade haircut the hair length gradually decreases from top towards the sides and nape of neck.

Today you will find a number of fade cut options if you visit the barber shop. These haircuts include dark Caesar cut, low fades, bald fades, high top fades. All of these haircuts look similar with minor variations in the faded hair length. If you are searching for a perfect business casual fade hairstyle then you should try temple fades. Now let me give you a hint about this popular black men haircut. Blow out, Afro blow out, Brooklyn fade… does this sounds familiar to you? All these are simply different names of temp fade haircut.

The Temp Fade Haircut

If you want to go for temp fade then keep one thing in mind. Never go to a amateur barber for this kind of haircut because it requires a lot of experience to do temp fade. Barbers often confused Temp fade haircut with low fade as the two look quite similar. Keep your eyes open when you go to your barber and check out if he has the right tools to give you the perfect temp fade look. He should have a good set of clippers, razors and trimmers.

In temp fade cut, The hairs on the sides are faded up to the temples. The hair present between the nape of the neck and the temple are closely cropped. This makes your facial features and the shape of your face stand out more. You are free to style the hair on top of your head with whatever style you want. You can top combine temple fade haircut with anything you want from Fohawk, comb over to a pompadour hairstyles. If you want to add some hipster touch, you could add in a beard and a trimmed moustache. Blowout haircut is a step up in temp fade. It is a breed of temp fade haircut with the sides faded till the temples beginning from the neck line. The longer hair on top styled in such a manner that they looks like blown away. It’s a perfect modest hairstyle for African American guys that makes them look extremely stylish and $exy.

Let’s remain ahead of trends with temp fade haircut! Here are some images that may help to bring out the stylish you out of yourself… Enjoy!

Top 10 Temp Fade Haircuts for Guys 2017

1. Blended temp fades


2. Temp Fade for Boys

Temp Fade Haircut Style


3. geometric temp fadegeometric temp fade

4. Modern temple fademodern temple fade

5. Neat and shortneat and short

6. Temp fades with long dread lockstemp fade with dread locks

7. Flat toptemp fade with flat top

8. Textured spikes with trimmed beardTemp-fade-with-trimmed beard

9. Shaved razor line on natural curlstemp fade-hairstyle-and-shaved-razor-lines-for-his-natural-curls

10. Spiked up temp fades

spiked up temp fades

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