The Low Fade Haircut Styles & Latest Trends

The low fade haircut got immense popularity among men since last year. It’s a type of fade haircut in which the hairs are faded to a lower length at the back and sides of head. Men have been sporting short sides long top hairstyles since decades. No matter what texture, color or hair type they possess. So what’s new about it? Although it has been in for decades, there is a special type called the low fade haircut that has immensely grown in popularity among young guys as well.

There are endless ways of doing fade haircut. The major ones being the low fade, high and regular fade haircut for men. You can have whatever style you like on the top of your head from comb over, top knot to a pompadour hairstyle. There are endless options for you. If you don’t have any idea about which fade haircut you should get then definitely low fade haircut is a suitable choice for you. The reason is that it suits almost every face shape and hair texture.

So what’s so special about low fade haircut? It is not only easy to manage but it also opens room for a lot of flexibility and blends well with any kind of facial hair. In a low fade haircut, the hair is clipped short at the back and sides. It is cropped close to the skin at bottom and the length gradually increases in length towards the top. The hair are thickest and longest at the top that can be easily manipulated into any hairstyle you want. You can let your barber know about your preference regarding the actual line of fading you want.

With low fade haircut you got a lot of styling options. Here is your chance to harness the creative you by combining the low fade with different hair styles. There are absolutely no boundaries to this hairstyle. You can combine it with a comb over resulting in a comb over fade which can be easily styled with a good hair gel/pomade & a fine toothed comb. You can also brush up your top hair and get a spiky low fade. You can even begin with low fade and end it in a pompadour comb over resulting in a trio of low fade plus comb over plus pompadour.

So design your own fade haircut with your own creativity and enjoy the power to create new hairstyles. Here are some cool choices for you.

Men’s Low Fade Haircut Styles 2016

  1. Blonde slicked back hairstyle

blonde hair pushed back

2. Comb over fade hairstyle

combover with fades

3. Creative pompadour hair style

creative pompadour

4. Curly low fade haircut

curly low fade

5. Razor faded pompadour hairstyle


6. Side part low fade haircut

side part low fade

7. Neat slick back hairstyle

slicked back

8. Textured low fades with shaved part

textured low fades with shaved part

9. Ultimate side part hairstyle

ultimate side part

10. Low fade hairstyle with beard

low fades on brown hair

So which of the low fade haircut you liked the most? Don’t forget to share your views in comments section.

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