The Taper Fade Haircut Styles and Trends

In taper haircut, the hair length gets gradually decreases from the hairline to nape of neck.  While in fade haircut the hairs are faded to a length depending upon the choice. Different types of fades are becoming trendy in 2016 like high fade, low fade, mid fade etc. Taper fade haircut is basically a combo of the classic taper cut and modern fade cut. Its one of the most trendy hairstyle of 2016 that’s suitable for young boys as well as business men.

The Modern Taper Fade Haircut:

what’s new about this taper cut? With time it has been modified with variations like that of tapered fade cut. This cut isn’t restricted to a particular class of people, profession or lifestyle. Anyone can adorn it. Taper fade haircut also seems like a mixture of short crew cut and brush cut. Applying a classy fade makes taper look even better. Make sure you go to an experienced barber in order to get the best look with taper fade.

After getting taper fade cut you get a variety of options to style hair on top. It is up to you to either side part or slick back the hair on top. And guess what? It barely takes 2 to 3 minutes of your precious time to style it the way you want. It is particularly good for people who don’t have time to even blink an eye or are too lazy to do the regular  hair styling that takes a long time. What adds to this is that it is a low maintenance hair cut possible just like other fade cuts. You just need a comb and small amount of gel or pomade to get rocked with taper fade haircut.

Beard and shaved sides specifically go well with this kind of hairstyle. Its also a good choice for African American black men who got curly and kinky hair. In fact, taper fade haircut can be ranked on top among shaved hairstyles. It’s a breed of undercut that offers transition from short to skin fade rather than the general disconnected hairstyle.

Don’t allow the summer heat get on your nerves by wearing this amazing hassle free haircut. Here are some pictures that will help you adopt the hottest style you wish to see…

  1. Tapered comb over

Combover-with taper fade

2.Taper fade with long top
fantastic taper

3. Low taper fade comb over

Low taper fade comb over

4. Bekham’s rough look

Bekham's taper fade

5. Taper fade for chubby face

Men's Taper Fade Cut 2016

6. Classy brown hair

taper fade on brown hair

7. Trendy shaved line

taper fade with shaved line

8. Slick back taper fade hairstyle

Slick back taper fade haircut 2016

9. Brushed up with hard part

taper short fade

10. Boyish look

neat taper fade

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