25 Stylish Mens Undercut Hairstyles 2018

Undercut hairstyles happens to be the most admired hairstyle in the kingdom of men’s fashion. It happens to be the world’s most-popular hairstyle that you will see on cover pages of popular men magazines.  You will also notice many television and film stars sporting it confidently.

Undercut hairstyles 2017 have been popular since forever in the alley of street style, especially the younger generations who are still quick to adopt this adorable style. Why are they so quick to embrace this trend? It blends well with any hair type whether wavy hair, curly or straight. It looks youthful and adopts your personality. Your personality doesn’t have to adopt the style. This is one amazing feature that makes it ever so dominant. Young boys can carry an undercut hairstyle on formal as well as informal occassions.

With countless varieties of men’s undercut hairstyles available at your disposal, it can confuse a bit as to how to utilize this trendy haircut. There is a classic variety to this cut and then there are modern versions and lots that hang in between the two.

The classic haircut is meant for those who think of this hairstyle as a little extreme. The classic undercut hairstyle features trimmed sides along with the long hair on top. All you need is a little gel, mousse or pomade to make this simple cut look polished, neat and clean and give it a touch of the 40s or 50s. Generally, with the more conservative Undercut hairstyles you can make use of hair mousse.  It will enhance the volume of your hair and if flatter top is what looks good on you, go for a good pomade like Baxter of California.

the classic undercut

The disconnected hairstyle is a great modern adaptation of undercut very commonly seen on soccer players. The key to a disconnected undercut is longer hair on top and shaved sides that offer a  disconnect. This is where it derives its name from. One of the best ways to sport this look is by choosing a hairstyle inspired from the 1940s and side part your hair using hair products to offers shine to your hair.

Disconnected Undercut on wavy hair hipster disconnected Undercut look

And then there is an ultimate slicked back undercut hairstyle. If you want to successfully achieve this look, you need to have long hairs on the top that enables you to style it well. In order to tame those longer locks neatly towards the back, you will require a good hair gel that can hold your hair. For a vintage look, go for a greasy look using wet hair product, but do you want to sport modern version of the slicked back undercut? Then choose a matte hair mousse to give your hair some texture. If you happen to have wavy or curly hair, you can even straighten your hair for a slicker finish.

David Beckhems Undercut hairstyle

Men's Layered Undercut Hairstyle

Slicked back undercut

Undercut slick back look

And then there is a puffy undercut look, layered, side swept look and many more. If you really want to go for this amazing haircut, here are some amazing variations to this immensely versatile and flexible hairstyle.

Popular Undercut Hairstyles for Men 2016

voluminous undercut

Formal Side swept

short undercut with facial hair

long curly hair with undercut


layered undercut

Cool Undercut haircut for guys 2016
Long undercut hairstyle for boys Mens Bald Fade Undercut with Beard
Messy Undercut Hairstyle Pompadour undercut hairstyle Spikeup Undercut look for Boys Undercut Business Hairstyle Professional undercut hairstyle with beard 2016 Short Pompadour Undercut Hairstyle Undercut Hairstyle 2016
Sidepart undercut hairstyle 2016 Slick back undercut hairstyle for boys Undercut slickback ponytail hairstyle 2016

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