15 Best Undercut Hairstyles for Men 2017

Undercut hairstyles for men look modern and can be styled in variety of ways. In undercut hairstyle, the hair on the sides and back are buzzed while top hairs are kept longer. This evergreen haircut is continuously getting popularity among men since last few years. It’s amazing feature is that it comes with plenty of hot variations and looks cool. So, if you are planning to get a new inspiring look then undercut hairstyle can be a good choice for you. You can adopt it, no matter what type of hair you got. There are dozens of styling options available for curly, wavy, smooth and thick hair. Let’s check out most popular undercut hairstyles of 2017;

Popular Undercut Hairstyles 2017

1. Slicked Back Undercut Hairstyle

The most widely adopted undercut haircut is none other than slicked back style. It features “shorter sides and long top” in which the top hairs are combed backward. It suits well to men of all ages and even young boys love to adopt it. Whether you are going for a formal business meeting, casual party or just hanging out with friends, this style will work for you. So, if you got smooth medium length hair then definitely you can go for this hot look.

Slicked Back Undercut Hairstyle for Men2. The Puffy Undercut

As the name suggest, the top hairs are styled in a puffy manner to form this special undercut hairstyle. If you got a good volume of hairs then puffy style can be a good option. Make sure you apply a lot of texture to get most out of this sexy hairstyle. Guys having curly hair can wear it extremely well and its easy for them to style it. For quick styling, you can apply a small amount of matte hair product and enhance the look.

2- The Puffy Undercut hairstyle 20173. The Longer Hair Style

The versatility of undercut hairstyle is that it can be adopted with any length of hair. No matter whether you got long, medium or extremely short hair, you can still go for this cut. Although the original beauty comes up with long hair. That’s because you get a lot of styling options with longer hairs. Slicked back, side swept, messy and layered undercut are some nice options for men with long hair.

3- The Long Undercut Hairstyle4. The Curly Undercut Hairstyle

Combining the short sides with curly hair on top forms a mind-blowing combo that looks extremely hot. Black men having short curly hairs can go for this traditional short curly hairstyle. It requires very little maintenance and can be styled quickly. So, if you got natural curls then this could be a superb choice. Get the sides and back of head buzzed and keep the top hair short to get the perfect look. You can also add some highlights to have an extra adorable look.

4- The Curly Undercut hairstyles5. Fringes with Undercut

This one is modern hairstyle for young guys aging between 16 to 25 years. Make sure that you grow your hair little longer before going for this look. Keep a constant length of fringes on top and get the sides faded to medium length. Adding light beard will depict masculinity and look more graceful. We recommend using strong hold pomade for this hairstyle to keep it intact for a day.

5- Fringes Undercut Hairstyle6. The Short Undercut for Men

For those who don’t have much time to style hair but still love to get undercut hairstyle then we have some options for them too. Let’s keep the top hair shorter and get high fades on sides. A variety of styling options is available for shorter hair. These include spikes, side part, and messy style. This one is the extremely low-maintenance haircut. So, if you are too lazy to visit the barber every week then go for this look.

Short Undercut Hairstyle7. Ultimate Funky Look

If you want to look smart then get a hipster undercut hairstyle. Funky haircuts don’t have any limitations and you can style them the way you want. You can also have cool haircut designs on the back and sides. If you don’t want to go too far then just dye your hair after getting undercut hairstyle. If you are bold enough to support such hipster looks then you should go for a funky option that will make you stand out of crowd.

Funky Undercut Hairstyle8. The Layered Undercut Hairstyle

The layered undercut is another head-turning option that you should consider. If you want to add fullness to your hair so that they look more voluminous then a layered cut is the one you should go for. When you visit your barber next time, just ask him that you want layered undercut. The extent of layers depends upon your choice. Usually, barbers start off by cutting shorter lengths & gradually increase the length by forming layers. Have a look at below layered undercut hairstyle.

Best Layered Undercut Hairstyle for Men9. Undercut with Pompadour

Pompadours are men’s all-time favorite option when it comes to hairstyling. The modern pompadour hairstyle can be achieved by combining it with undercut. This form a perfect blend of vintage look & modern style. Several celebrities are adopting pompadour undercut hairstyle & making it trendy. These include James Franco, Brad Pitt, Bruno Mars & Josh Hartnett. The hair on sides are back are clipped very short while the longer hair on top are styled in a puffy manner to form pompadour. Make sure that you apply some hair gel to keep the style intact.

The Pompadour Undercut Hairstyle10. High Skin Fade Undercut

You can have the sides and back fully faded up to the temple and keep the top hair little lengthy. This hairstyle requires little courage as it will totally transform your look. So, if you are brave enough to adopt different hairstyles then high skin fade undercut you must try. In fade haircut, the hairs are buzzed with varying lengths. Keeping the shortest hair near the nape of the neck and gradually increasing the length towards the temple forms an ultimate sexy fade cut. Other variants of this style are low fade, high-top fade and taper fade cut.

High Skin Fade Undercut11. The Classic Undercut

The classic undercut is basically based on 1940’s dapper look and that’s the simplest version of it. Short sides and longer top forms classic undercut. This style is a pioneer among the other undercuts and looks cool. You can side-sweep the top hair to have a professional look. Slicked back undercut is also a good choice that can be styled by applying a small amount of hair product as you can see in below picture.

The Classic Undercut Haircut12. Side Swept Undercut Style (SSUS)

Side-swept is a versatile hairstyle that every man should try at least once to keep up with the latest trends. It is a clean & classy hairstyle that make you look distinct & stylish. You can combine it with undercut hairstyle by tapering the sides and sweeping the smooth hair strands on top towards the sides. Long wavy hairs are blessing for those men who want to try out side-swept undercut. Just push the bangs or fringes to one side of head in moderate layers to from a perfect look.

Side Swept Undercut Hairstyles 201713. Wavy Undercut hairstyle

Wavy haircut adds volume to your hair and looks stylish at the same time. In wavy undercut hairstyle, you keep the sides and back trimmed to shorter length while maintaining longer hair length on top. Then blend the top hair with hair on the front using scissors to get this nice wavy hairstyle. If you got somewhat curly hair then it will be easy for you to adopt wavy undercut. You can also apply a little amount of hair product to get most out of this cut.

The Wavy Undercut Hairstyles 2017-201814. Disconnected Look

The all-time famous disconnected undercut hairstyle is a good choice for those who are brave enough to adopt bold hairstyles. In disconnected haircut, the shorter sides and longer top are separated by a line. The disconnection can be further inflated by getting the sides fully shaved or adopting hard part. The disconnected undercut is in fashion since long time when it used to be adopted with slicked back look. Now there are multiple choices to style the top hair with varying levels of shorter sides.

Best Disconnected Undercut Hairstyle 201815. Brushed Up Style

Brushed up undercut hairstyle not only makes you stand out of crowd but will also catch the eyeballs around you. So, if you are looking for an all-in-one dashing cut then this is the one you should go for. Just like the classic undercut hairstyles, the sides are cut short while the top hairs are kept medium to long length. Use the brush to style top hairs in messy or spiky format to complete the look. Use of hair gel is must with this haircut to keep the hairstyle in position. Have a look at below photo;

Brushed Up Undercut Hairstyle

I hope that you liked our collection of best undercut hairstyles for men. Don’t forget to share these latest styles with your friends.

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