Usher Mohawk Haircut Styles for Black Men

Usher Raymond is an American singer renowned for his faded Mohawk haircut. Not just a singer but he is also a good dancer and actor as well. Usher Mohawk hairstyle is very popular among African American black men. The gentleman’s mohawk is also known as south of France haircut. It’s a simple short haircut that requires very little maintenance and looks elegant. Let us give you a brief intro about it.

Usher Mohawk: The South of France Haircut

Initially known as the south of France haircut as people residing in the southern part of France used to have it. Usher’s barber, Curtis, introduced this hairstyle on Usher and what happens next is predictable? It eventually gained irresistible fame among African American black men.

Usher’s Mohawk consisted of a wide Mohawk hairstyle with faded sides. Just before the release of his famous album “Looking 4 Myself”, usher got this dashing haircut. Usher’s barber, Curtis Smith is the man who introduced this haircut to American men. No doubt celebrities are the trendsetters and people use to follow their style and that becomes fashion eventually.  Although the haircut was introduced by Curtis back in 2012 yet it’s still very popular among black men.

Usher Mohawk South of France Haircut

Usher inspired black men immensely with hair hairstyle. Whenever they want to look fierce or tough, they go for this hairstyle. Although another breed of Mohawk, the Fohawk or the faux hawk is worn by people more because of the presence of hairs on the sides. However, the true Mohawk that features shaved sides look is bound to attract eyes on you.

Black guys who are real macho men, rock stars or sporty adore Mohawks. Usher wears Mohawk with his natural curls that give a really neat and unique look to him. Mohawk fade combo forms an outstanding hairstyle that suits to men of all ages. Natural kinky hairs exist in every black man’s genes always giving them a very out of the crowd look.


Usher doesn’t wear a typical Mohawk hairstyle with shaved sides. The hairs on sides are tapered up to the temples giving him faded sides leaving a strip of naturally curly hair on top. However, there are many different ways black men can adopt this hairstyle. You don’t necessarily have to shave the sides. You can just cut them close to the skin or have some pattern made. Check out some cool fade haircuts that you can get along with this hairstyle.

You can style the top hair in spikes form by using small amount of hair product like gel or mousse. If you feel like experimenting, add some texture to your hair. Braided Mohawk is another great innovation in Mohawk haircuts . With vertical or horizontal braids on sides, you can leave the strip of hair on top spiked or flat it out with straightener. That forms an innovative hipster look but requires longer hair length.

You can also blend it with your facial hairs to get handsome look. Here are some Usher inspirations for a Mohawk haircut for black men out there!

usher's nerdy look

usher new mohawk


cool mohawk fade


Usher Music+Awards mohawk


Usher new look


Usher's mohawk

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