20 Coolest Zayn Malik Hairstyles

Zayn Malik Hairstyles Collection: Zayn is an English singer and songwriter who was a part of One Direction band but recently started his solo career in music industry. His father is a British-Pakistani and mother is of Irish descent. He is a versatile guy who earned a big name in the music industry in very less time. Zayn Malik Hairstyles are also unique and stylish. Ranging from short to long, wavy to straight, comb over to slick back, pink to gree, Zayn adopted a variety of looks and the best thing is that all these styles suit him really well. People love to follow his footsteps and get curious to know about his new haircuts. So in this article, we are going to share the all-time best Zayn Malik Hairstyles for inspiration.

Best Zayn Malik Hairstyles and Haircuts

1- Zayn Malik’s Valentines Day Hairstyle

In February 2016, Zayn Malik got a spiky haircut and dyed his hair in shocking pink color specially for the valentines day.

Zayn Malik's Valentines Day Hairstyle

2-  Wavy Hairstyle with Green Highlights

This is a recent hairstyle of Zayn Malik in which he wears long wavy locks with green highlights.

Zayn Malik Wavy Hairstyle with Green Highlights

3- Zayn Malik Short Blonde Hairstyle

Zayn loves to try different kinds of haircuts as well as hair colors. See how cool he looks in this short blonde haircut.

Zayn Malik Short Blonde Hairstyle

4- The Short & Simple Hairstyle for Boys

If you want to keep your haircut simple and easy to style then this Zayn Malik haircut can be a good option for you.Zayn Malik Short & Simple Hairstyle

5- Zayn Malik’s Pink Dyed Long Hairstyle

Soon after the valentine’s day 2016, Zayn applied light pink highlights to get a different look.

Zayn Malik Pink Dyed Long Hairstyle

6- Whole Bald Look with Beard

His latest look shows completely shaved head with light beard that forms a perfect combination. This is a very bold style opted by this singer and it seems like his girlfriend Gigi loves it.

Zayn Malik Bald Look with Beard

7- The Simple Side Swept Hairstyle

This is how Zayn seemed back in 2010 when he went for the X-factor auditions. His hair were thick and he used to sweep them towards the sides. But as of today, he seems bold enough to try a variety of haircuts and hair colors.

The Simple Side Swept Hairstyle by Zayn Malik8- Johnny Bravo Inspired Hairstyle

This Johnny Bravo hairstyle was adopted by Zayn Malik in November 2014. It features long fringes and looks like the classic 1950’s hairstyles.

The Johnny Bravo Inspired Hairstyle by Zayn Malik9- Messy Look with beard

These messy locks give ultimate manly look along with light beard. This is one of the best Zayn Malik hairstyle that was seen in September 2016.The Messy Look with beard

10- New Buzz Cut by Zayn Malik

Last year in summer, Just after the pinky spikes, Zayn went for the buzz cut to feel cool and comfortable.
The New Buzz Cut by Zayn Malik

11- Short Sides Long Top Look

This photo is from American Music Awards 2013 in which the one direction celebrity opted for short sides and long top. It is an ever-green boyish hairstyle that can be worn by young guys.

The Short Sides Long Top Look by Malik

12- Slicked Back Hairstyle for Professional Look

After the fully shaved bold look, here comes another Zayn Malik hairstyle that looks fantastic. In this photo, a tight slicked back hairstyle is worn by this 1D supterstar with a pony tail on the back.
The Professional Slicked Back Hairstyle by Zayn

13- Shaggy  Side Swept Hairstyle

Here comes the casual shaggy hairstyle (like the Justin Bieber) that gives a voluminous look. This hairstyle doesn’t requires much time for styling and seems fabulous.
The Side Swept Hairstyle by Zayn Malik

14- Platinum Fauxhawk Look

Now we have seen how he looks in pink and shocking pink spikes. Zayn thought why not to try a whole new platinum look. So here is how it seems to have the Fauxhawk hairstyle in dyed in platinum.
The Silver Gold Fauxhawk Look

15- Short Grey Hairstyle

This photo is from 2015 in which Zayn opted for grey hairstyle.
The Grey Hairstyle by Zayn Malik

16- Green Buzz Cut Hairstyle

It seems like Zayn still wanted to try something new. So after trying pink, gold and grey looks, he thought to have greenish buzz cut.
The Green Buzz Cut Hairstyle by Zayn malik

17- Blonde Streak Zayn Malik Hairstyle

If we go back in November 2012, we see him with a cute pompadour hairstyle with blonde streak on front.

The Blonde Streak Hairstyle by Zayn Malik

18- Short Blonde Crew Cut Hairstyle

Zayn has totally changed the traditions and introduced amazing ideas to wear the traditional haircuts. See how he looks in fully blonde military haircut.
The Blonde Crew Cut by Zayn Malik

19-  Slicked Pompadour Hairstyle by Zayn Malik

In February 2017, Zayn shaved the beard and opted for slicked pompadour hairstyle.
Pompadour Hairstyle by Zayn Malik

20- Long Center Parted Hairstyle

This is another unique look from his 2014’s albums. It features long center parted hairstyle with very light beard.
Long Side Part Hairstyle by Zayn Malik

So that’s all about 20 best Zayn Malik Hairstyles and Haircuts. Which one is your favorite out of these?

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